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Add some more security to your home with the Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor. It features a portable and lightweight design for discreet placement, can sense humans and pets up to 7 meters away, and can be connected to your other Mi Smart devices to trigger them when the motion sensor gets activated.

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Help monitor your home with the Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor. It can detect movement from humans and pets up to a sensing distance of 7 meters. The motion sensor can be easily connected to your other Xiaomi Smart devices in the home such as your alarm, lights or cameras to trigger any of them the moment it detects any movement. It can be controlled via the Xiaomi Home App so you can get notifications when the sensor is triggered when you aren’t home.

Program it to turn your lights on, allow your alarm to go off, or simply record some footage so you can see exactly what is moving in the affected area. Its portable and lightweight design allows for easy placement in your home without drawing too much attention to it. The Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor is a simple way to add to your security and make your home safer.


  • Detects movement of humans and pets
  • Small design for discreet placement
  • Ring an alarm when someone enters while you are away
  • Automatically turn on and off Smart devices when someone passes by
  • Up to 7m sensing distance


  • Colour: White
  • Working Temperature: -5° – +40°
  • Operating Humidity: 0% -95%RH
  • Sensing Distance: ≤7m
  • Sensing Angle: ≈170°
  • Battery Type: CR2450
  • Battery Life: Standard Environment >2 Years (Depends on actual usage frequency)


  • Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor x1

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 9 cm


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